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Artist's Statement

I am a metal sculptor working in the medium of found art. Found art is created by taking an object that already exists and turning it into art. I use recycled metals and weld them together to create familiar and abstract objects. One goal I have when designing pieces is retaining the shape of the found object, keeping it recognizable. The recycled metals I use vary from old farm equipment to discarded tools, auto parts to play equipment, cutlery to industrial scrap. Basically, if it can be welded, I can use it. Each piece of my work is unique, created one-at-a-time, and every work is signed and numbered.

Tim Pace works on a piece in his studio.

Eco-Art Creative Metal Recycling began in 1995 with the gift of a welder, an excess of scrap metal and the request for a unique gift. The result was a three-foot tall sculpture of a golfer to go in a garden. Simple pieces such as dogs and frogs followed. Today, pieces range in height from works that fit on a tabletop to eight-foot-tall sculptures and include an assortment of people, animals, flowers, insects and abstracts, to name just a few. I have no formal art training and was an electrician by trade before deciding to pursue my art fulltime in 1998.

I am a member of the following organizations:

  • Tennessee Association of Crafts Artists
  • Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi
  • Tennessee Valley Art Association

Tim and his artwork were highlighted on episode 2112 of Nashville Public Television's Tennessee Crossroads in September 2007.

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